Useful Links and Information

International Renal Interest Socitety (IRIS)

The mission of IRIS is to help veterinary practitioners better diagnose, understand and treat renal disease in cats and dogs. In order to achieve this mission, the group investigates ways to accurately diagnose early signs of chronic renal disease and explores novel therapies for these diseases.  Through the publication guidelines of diagnostic staging and treatment recommendations for chronic kidney disease and acute kidney injury, IRIS has both advanced and standardized the approach to veterinary kidney disease.  Click below for more information.

International Veterinary Renal Pathology Service (IVRPS)

The IVRPS is a collaboration between anatomic and clinical pathologists and clinical nephrologists, co-directed by Dr. Rachel Cianciolo at The Ohio State University.  This service provides the most advanced renal pathology evaluation available to the veterinary community.  Light microscopy, immunofluorescence, and electron microscopy are utilized to provide the most detailed and informative assessment of a kidney biopsy.  The clinical team helps to provide treatment recommendations based on the biopsy findings, to help the submitting veterinarian create the best therapeutic plan for their patient.  Click below for more information.

Atlas of Renal Lesions in Proteinuric Dogs

The goal of this Renal Pathology Atlas is to provide teaching material to veterinary pathologists and nephropathologists. The atlas demonstrates the breadth of lesions that can occur within a cohort of dogs presenting with the clinical sign of protein loss in the urine. Kidney samples were examined with multiple modalities including: histopathology, immunofluorescence and electron microscopy. Integration of these comprehensive evaluations with the clinical history can help veterinary pathologists and nephrologists to better understand the etiology and prognosis of renal lesions in proteinuric dogs.

This textbook is available as a free ebook via The Ohio State's Pressbooks website.  It is a wonderful resource for pathologists, nephrologists, and lovers of the nephron!

European Society of Veterinary Nephrology and Urology (ESVNU)

The goal of ESVNU is to increase the quality of life of dogs and cats by enhancingveterinary care for renal and urinary tract disease. We hope to achieve this by providing a platform for discussion, regular updates on new information, and a yearly congress in veterinary and comparative nephrology and urology to our members and other interested people.  Click below for more information.

Veterinary Interventional Radiology and Interventional Endoscopy Society (VIRIES)

VIRIES members are at the forefront of innovating minimally invasive and interventional techniques in the management of various disorders, particularly renal and urinary disease.  Commonly performed renal/urinary interventional procedures include:

  • Ureteral stenting
  • Urethral stenting
  • Subcutaneous ureteral bypass (SUB) placement
  • Ectopic ureter ablation
  • Sclerotherapy for renal hematuria
  • Urethral bulking and hyraulic occluder placement
  • Plenty more!