Extracorporeal Certification

ASVNU Extracorporeal Renal Replacement Accreditation


The availability of veterinary extracorporeal therapies (ERRT) has been increasing over the last 5-10 years. This growth can be attributable in large part to the heightened interest among the veterinary community and new training opportunities. Therapies such as intermittent hemodialysis (IHD), continuous renal replacement therapies (CRRT), hemoperfusion, and therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE) are no longer considered heroic measures, but rather the cornerstone of the advanced standard therapy for patients with severe disease.

The ASVNU recognizes the delivery of safe and effective extracorporeal therapy is based upon formalized training, clinical expertise, and a sound understanding of the principles and theories therein. This achievement requires the expenditure of significant time, programmatic resources, and clinical commitment. While equipment can be obtained rather inexpensively, the training and mastery of delivery of these therapies cannot be acquired so easily or quickly. The ASVNU has begun an initiative to establish accreditation criteria for both hospitals and individuals who provide extracorporeal therapies consistent with the highest standards of care and professionalism.

A committee of internists and criticalists is working jointly to develop these standards, as well as the application and review process to confer accreditation. Similar to other certifications provided in veterinary medicine (AAHA, VECCS, etc.), hospitals will be able to apply and receive accreditation by the ASVNU based on their facilities and capability to perform extracorporeal therapies.

Individual veterinarians also will have opportunity for recognition and accreditation for their expertise to perform extracorporeal therapies based on demonstrated expertise and breadth of training and clinical experience. This certification will recognize individuals for their capabilities and contributions to extracorporeal therapies and allied disciplines.

Veterinary technicians will also have the opportunity to become certified in ERRT. Their ability to provide exceptional patient monitoring and delivery of ERRT requires advanced training, throughout understanding of extracorporeal platforms, and great dedication. An application for veterinary technicians/nurses will be available for submission.

This certification process is still in developmental stages; however, it is anticipated applications may become available by early 2020.