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The objectives of the ASVNU are to enhance the existing body of knowledge about veterinary and comparative nephrology and urology by encouraging the study of the structure, function and diseases of the urinary system of animals, to provide a forum for exchange and consideration of new and established information relating to nephrology and urology, and to encourage and promote improved methods of diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the urinary tract.

The benefits of membership are:

  • Inclusion in the society list‐serve.

  • Inclusion of your hospital’s nephrology and urology services on the ASVNU website.

  • Contributing to education and research of veterinary nephrology and urology.

Annual dues. Renewal is due by Sept 1 each year

  • Active Member $100 per year

  • Associate Member (non-veterinarian) $50 per year

  • Student, Intern, Resident, Fellow, Retired, Disabled, and Honorary Members- annual dues waived; approvial from ASVNU board required


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