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March 2020

Davis, CA

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2019 ASVNU Annual Business Meeting

Thursday June 6th, 12-1:30pm

Location: PCC N, 132 C

Generously sponsored by Hill’s

ACVIM Forum Phoenix AZ

Nephrology/Urology Oral Research Abstracts:

Friday June 7th, Room PCC N, 124 AB

8:00-8:15 Urinary Biomarkers as a Tool in the Diagnosis of Asymptomatic Bacteriuria in Dogs, Dr. Caroline Aldridge

8:15-8:30 Retrospective Evaluation of Characteristics Associated with Urinary Bacterial Growth in Proteinuric Dogs, Dr. Millie Grimes

8:30-8:45 Outcomes, Clinicopathologic and Histopathologic Characteristics of Feline Proteinuric Kidney Disease: 61 Cases, Dr. Laura Rayhel

8:45-9:00 An Algorithm Based On Clinical Data Predicts Feline Chronic Kidney Disease Two Years Before Diagnosis, Dr. Phillip Watson, PhD

9:00-9:15 Open-Label Pilot Efficacy Study of Recombinant Feline Erythropoietin in Client-Owned Cats with Non-Regenerative Anemia, Dr. Beasley Mason

9:15-9:30 Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled-Study To Evaluate Mirtazapine-Transdermal-Ointment in Cats Experiencing Unintended-Weight-Loss: Analysis of Cats with Suspected Renal-Disease, Dr. Beasley Mason

9:30-9:45 Serum Symmetric Dimethylarginine Concentrations in Greyhound Puppies – Evidence for Breed Specific Physiologic Differences, Dr. C. Guillermo Couto

10:30-10:45 Analysis of Survival Among Different Categories of Chronic Kidney Disease in Dogs, Mr. Devyn Schultz

10:45-11:00 Efficacy of Hemoperfusion and Hemodialysis for Treatment of Carprofen and Ibuprofen Toxicosis in Dogs, Dr. Carrie Palm

11:00-11:15 Application of Active Kidney Injury Biomarkers To Predict Kidney Involvement in Canine Urinary Tract Infection, Dr. Sheri Ross

11:15-11:30 Dissolution of Feline Struvite Uroliths with a Urinary Calming Diet, Dr. Matthew Kornya

11:30-11:45 Comparison of IDEXX SediVue Dx® with Manual Microscopy for Detection of Casts in Canine Urine, Dr. Demitria Vasilatis

11:45-12:00 The Effect of Dietary Sodium on Urinary Calcium and Calcium Oxalate Relative Supersaturation in Cats, Dr. Yann Quéau

4:15-4:30 Stability of Urine Specimens Stored with Preservatives at Room Temperature or without Preservatives Under Refrigeration, Dr. Harmeet Aulakh

4:30-4:45 Evaluation of Serum Symmetric Dimethylarginine (SDMA) in Dogs Naturally Infected by Leishmania infantum in Brazil, Dr. Felipe dos Santos Muniz

4:45-5:00 Effects of Calcifediol Supplementation on Markers of Chronic Kidney Disease-Mineral Bone Disorder in Dogs, Dr. Valerie Parker

5:00-5:15 Characterization and In Vitro Susceptibility o Canine UPEC Isolates to a Novel E. coli Probiotic, Dr. Adam Rudinsky

5:15-5:30 Smartphone-Based Colorimetric Method for At-Home Urinalysis Dipsticks Reading in Cats: A Pilot Study, Dr. Vincent Leynaud

5:30-5:45 Analysis of Bias Between the Sedivue Dx(TM) and Manual Microscopy in Detecting Urine Sediment Cells, Dr. Tony Blanco

5:45-6:00 Urinary Tract Infection Escherichia Coli’s Potential to Produce Biofilm and the Effect on Antimicrobial Resistance, Ms. Briana Staten-Hunkler

Nephrology/Urology ePoster Q&A Sessions:

Thursday June 6th: 9:35-10:05 am, various locations (see page 60 in Forum event program)

ASVNU Lectures and Notable Nephrology/Urology Content:

Therapeutic Plasma Exchange: What We Know and What We Think We Know

Thurs June 6th 10:10-11:00am PCC W, 301 D

Drs. Mark Acierno and Mara Anna Labato

Knowledge Corner: Canine Urinary Incontinence : New Treatment Options for 2019

Thurs June 6th 12:25-12:50pm PCC N, Halls CDE

Dr. Gary Oswald

Knowledge Corner: CaOx Prevention and the Story Behind Voiding Urohydropropulsion

Thurs June 6th 1:00-1:25pm PCC N, Halls CDE

Dr. Jody Lulich

Incidence of Urolithiasis in Dogs Naturally Infectec by Leishmania Infantum Treated with Allopurinol

Thurs June 6th 4:10-4:35pm PCC N, 127 ABC

Dr. Felipe dos Santos Muniz

Therapeutic Plasma Exchange as a First-line Therapy for IMHA

Thurs June 6th 4:10-5:00pm PCC N, 121 ABC

Dr. Larry Cowgill

Efficacy of Telmisartan for the Treatment of Persistent Canine Renal Proteinuria

Thurs 4:35-5:00pm PCC N, 127 ABC

Dr. Bianca Lourenço

Knowledge Corner: AI Takes the Surprise Out of Chronic Kidney Disease

Fri 9:55-10:20am PCC N, Halls CDE

Dr. Dennis Chew

Knowledge Corner: Automated In-House Urinalysis – How Technology Can Help Us Make Urinalysis Better

Fri June 7th 1:00-1:25pm PCC N, Halls CDE

Dr. Richard Goldstein

Management of SUBs for Internists

Fri 1:40-2:30pm PCC N, 120 D

Dr. Allyson Berent

Panel Discussion: Treatment of UTI and Associated Challenges

Fri 2:40-3:30pm PCC N, 120 D

Drs. JD Foster, Shelly Vaden, Jodi Westropp

Antibiotic Sparing Approaches to Urinary Tract Infections

Sat June 8th 8-8:50am PCC N, 122 ABC

Dr. Sheryl Justice PhD

Managing Difficult UTI: Alternative Therapies

Sat June 8th 9-9:25am PCC N, 122 ABC

Dr. Jodi Westropp

Biomarkers of Urinary Tract Infection and Asymptomatic Bacteriuria

Sat June 8th 9:25-9:50am PCC N, 122 ABC

Dr. Sarah Steinbach

Influences of Dietary Ingredients on Renal Health in Cats

Sat June 8th 10:10-11:00am PCC N, 121 ABC

Dr. Jean Hall

Is it Lyme Nephritis or Leptospirosis?

Sat June 8th 10:10-11:00am PCC N, 125 B

Dr. Meryl Littman

Osborne Award Presentation

Sat June 8th 10:10-11:00am PCC N, 122 ABC

Congratulations to Dr. Stephen DiBartola! See below for more details!

Diabetic Nephropathy: Do We See It In Dogs and Cats?

Sat June 8th 11:10-11:35am PCC N, 122 ABC

Dr. Natalie Finch

The Endothelial Glycocalyx in Cardiorenal Syndrome

Sat June 8th 11:10-12:00pm PCC N, 221 ABC

Dr. Melanie Hezzell

tetra-ETDA: New Options for Mineralization/infection in SUBs

Sat June 8th 11:35am-12:00pm PCC N, 122 ABC

Dr. Allyson Berent

Stephen DiBartola to receive 2019 Osborne Award for Veterinary Nephrology


The 2019 IRIS Osborne Award, generously sponsored by Elanco Animal Health, is to be awarded to Dr. Stephen DiBartola in recognition of his career-spanning contributions to the field of veterinary nephrology.

The International Renal Interest Society (IRIS) was created in 1998 to advance the scientific understanding of kidney disease in small animals. The IRIS board currently consists of 15 members representing 11 different countries. The Osborne Award is the top honour bestowed by the group and there have been only 5 previous recipients: Carl Osborne (1999), Delmar Finco (2000), Kenneth Bovee (2002), Donald Low (2004) and George Lees (2011). The award consists of a plaque and a cheque for $15000 generously supported by Elanco Animal Health. The award winner is also funded to attend ACVIM and/or ECVIM Congresses to receive their award and present an overview of their research. Dr DiBartola’s award is to be presented at the ACVIM Forum in Pheonix, Arizona, in June this year. 

Dr DiBartola is these days perhaps best known for his long-serving editorship of the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine and for the reference textbook “Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid Base Disorders in Small Animal Practice”, which is commonly referred to by residents and faculty simply as ‘DiBartola’. However, his contributions to veterinary nephrology have been outstanding including 105 scientific, peer-reviewed publications, 82 book chapters and 21 abstracts. His nephrology publications have increased our understanding of polycystic kidney disease in Persian cats, muscle potassium content in cats with CKD, renal amyloidosis in Chinese Shar pei dogs and Abyssinian cats, dietary-induced CKD in dogs and cats, juvenile renal disease in Standard Poodles and Doberman pinscher dogs, as well as renal tubular acidosis.  

On hearing that he was to receive the award Dr DiBartola responded with the following remarks: “I can't tell you how humbling it is to have been nominated for and receive this award - the list of my colleagues who have received it before me is the family tree of veterinary nephrology and I've known all of them personally. I'm old enough to remember reading the first edition of Osborne, Low and Finco's Canine and Feline Urology (published in 1972) cover to cover when I was a veterinary student. However, as is widely known to my colleagues, it is Dennis Chew I have to thank for my career in the field. He was, is and always will be a huge inspiration to me.”

Further details about the work of IRIS can be found here: for further details of the award, please contact Harriet Syme, chair of the IRIS Awards Committee. Learn more about Elanco at

European College of Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology

& European Society of Veterinary Nephrology and Urology

Symposium: Pharmacology and the Kidney

Date: Friday 19th July 2019 Time: 9.00-5.30pm

Venue: Royal Veterinary College, Camden, London, NW1 0TU


Highlights from 2018 IRIS Renal Week

The University of California-Davis hosted the 7th IRIS Renal Week from March 19th to March 24th. This was an exciting conference that has dramatically evolved and grown since its inception in 2004.  This year’s conference boasted over 160 attendees (50% were international), as well as lectures and labs from leaders in the field of veterinary nephrology and urology. 

Highlights from this year’s conference include:

·     A 2-day boot camp comprised of lectures and labs designed to teach and demonstrate principles and integration of extracorporeal therapies.  Over 70 attendees participated.

·     A lecture series focusing on new insights into the understanding and management of glomerular disease in dogs in cats. This included an update on the WSAVA Renal Classification Project, a presentation on the increasing awareness of Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) in animals, and intriguing discussions regarding changes in patterns for the management of canine glomerular disease in dogs, both in terms of which drugs to use and when to perform renal biopsies. 

·     An exciting session on the latest advances in veterinary extracorporeal therapies. There were presentations on two new and innovative, commercially available synthetic filters for the use of hemoadsorption and hemoperfusion, including one that can remove cytokines in patients with sepsis and septic shock. There was also a discussion regarding the use of therapeutic plasma exchange as a first-line therapy for cases of severe or refractory IMHA in dogs. 

·     A renewed look at hypertension, it’s prevalence in differing patterns of glomerular disease, the use of biomarkers in feline hypertension, and an evidence-based comparison of the antihypertensive effects of telemisartan and amlodipine. 

·     An update on the latest biomarkers in nephrology and urology. This included both novel biomarkers for the diagnosis and monitoring of AKI and CKD, as well as the resurrection of the urine sediment as an important diagnostic tool.

·     A re-evaluation of clinical significance of bacteriuria, primarily with regards to the acknowledgement of subclinical bacteriuria in veterinary medicine. There was also a preview of the updated International Society for Companion Animal Infectious Disease (ISCAID) Urinary Tract Infection Guidelines, which recommends a more conservative approach of antibiotics than what has previously been recommended as standard of care. 

·     A new initiative for “One Health Nephrology” was proposed and highlighted throughout the conference, with lectures from keynote speakers in both human and veterinary nephrology.

Thanks for all involved in the organization of such an outstanding meeting! Stay tuned for IRIS Renal Week 2020!